Coffee that you can trust.



Small but Mighty!

We pack a lot into 250 square feet.  We roast our own coffee here in Windsor, all of it fairly traded and organic.  You can choose to have us brew you some, or you can buy a bag and brew it at home.   Should  have us prepare your cup,  you can choose the comforting familiarity of brewed coffee, or you can open your eyes with some espresso, or spoil yourself with a Cappucino, Latte or Canadiano.  The Green Bus Café has a full kitchen onsite, and we offer home cooking with the kind of ingredients your grandmother would approve.  We offer a variety of of cold drinks, as well as some interesting sweets and treats that you won't come across just anywhere.   Whenever possible we source locally.

With all due respect to  our mega-competition, they are not small enough or nimble enough to do what we do, so if you are looking for a change, drop by!