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December 11, 2018

What is Green Bus?

Green Bus is a small coffee roasting business run by us - Cindy and Felix.

We call it Green Bus because the roaster and related equipment is all located on a big green school bus.

We don't roast full-time because we both have other things to do.  Green Bus is based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, but our coffee often finds its way to the places we travel to - the Ottawa area, the Toronto area, the Lindsay-Peterborough area, the Winnipeg area, and Island Lake, Manitoba.  The occasional bag has been known to show up in Detroit.

Our coffee is organic and fair-trade, because the health of the planet trumps everything but the laws of physics.

We try to keep it simple.  If you step on our bus, you can see the whole operation, talk to the roaster, and make your decision.  There is no hidden corporation masquerading as your friend.  Unlike the coffee giants, what you see is what you get.

How do you find our coffee?  Call, text or email.





Schedule:  We are currently on hiatus, and will resume roasting in Windsor on or about the 20th of June, 2017.  The summer months will see us visit Toronto, Peterborough, Lindsay, Kaladar, Killaloe and Ottawa.  Late in August we head toward Winnipeg and Island Lake.  Our facebook page will show more detail!






A little bit about our coffee.

As a coffee lover you will drink hundreds of cups in the next year.  Not all coffees are equal.   Was it roasted last week or last year?   Does it contain pesticide residue?   Were the people who grew, picked and processed it paid a fair price or wage?   Was it roasted by people you can talk to, or was it roasted in a big factory thousands of miles away?   What is in your cup?

Green Bus believes that your coffee should stand for who you are.   Luckily for us all, a fresh, healthy, fair and honest cup of coffee also tastes better.   We can offer you a variety of Fairly Traded, Organic coffees, freshly roasted to order.   Our coffee roaster is small enough to allow us to create a batch just for you!

We have a simple operation, and by working out of our home we can keep our prices in the real world.   We believe that freshly roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee should not be a "boutique" experience that can only be enjoyed by those with high incomes.   At Green Bus, we believe a healthy, delicious cup of coffee should be available at a reasonable price.


We use a biodegradeable package that preserves your coffee's flavour.   It can be re-used, re-purposed, and when you are done with it you can compost it.   If you choose to bring your own container (a clean glass jar, plastic tub, or a coffee tin), you will receive a discount equivalent to the cost of the packaging saved (30-40 cents).   Make sure the container is big enough, but not so big that it contains too much air when filled with the amount of coffee you wish to purchase.


We accept - and prefer - cash.   Banks will manage just fine without taxing our bag of coffee with a few extra nickels.   In recognition of the digital age, however we accept some credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).


The phone number is (226)344-5150.   Email addresses are listed on the contact page .











So, coffee lovers and Windsorites, bookmark this site and file it under "Coffee Emergency"!





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