Coffee that you can trust.



What's with the Big Green Bus?

Yes, there really is a bus.

Green Bus started in Kaladar, Ontario, in the spring of 2011.  One big, yellow school bus was stripped down, painted green, and reborn as a rolling kitchen.  Not quite as graceful or romantic-sounding as the Phoenix, but something like that.

Our original plan was to put good food on the road in the form of a bus that contains a real kitchen - a fridge, stove, oven, coffee pot and worktable.  We shunned the in-organic, the unhealthy and the over-packaged.  We stuck to our vegetarian principles, but did it in a way that any carnivore would apprbus from right.JPGove of.  We put some solar panels on the roof.  We tried to keep our business green, aiming for ingredients that are sensible and ethically sourced, preparation practices that are energy efficient, and business practices that are kind to this planet we share.

Now our business is changing.  We moved to Windsor, parked the bus in the driveway, and added a coffee roaster to complement the kitchen.  We keep a calm profile, relying on word of mouth and a little help from the internet as our advertising.  Our low overhead helps keep prices down.

Our bus is our workplace, kitchen, office and hangout all in one.   It is a transparent place - nothing is hidden.  If the roaster is running, feel free to knock on the door and have a visit.