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The following coffees are available at Green Bus:

 ( FTO indicates Fair Trade Organic origin)

(Email or call with your order, and we can roast it and have it ready for pick-up.)



 Nicaragua, "Prodecoop", FTO
 in stock
 Colombia, Excelso, FTO  in stock
 Mexico, Chiapas, FTO  in stock
 Sumatra, Mandheling, FTO  in stock
 Honduras, "Cocafelol", FTO  in stock


A few comments about the coffees

You know what you like, so you can safely ignore these comments.  They are mostly here if you are unfamiliar with a particular coffee, or perhaps you are not a coffee drinker and you are buying for a friend.

Colombia - Familiar, comforting, smooth, not too demanding.  Sounds like a good marriage, right?

Nicaragua - Rich.  Some chocolate goin' on here. 

Sumatra - Smooth and rich.  The island next door to Java - makes sense, right? 

Mexico - Old school, kick-ass coffee.  An eye-opener that we often roast medium-dark or dark.

Honduras - There is a taste of molasses here.  We prefer this as a medium roast, retaining its regional character.