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The following coffees are available at Green Bus:

 ( FTO indicates Fair Trade Organic origin)

(Email or call with your order, and we can roast it and have it ready for pick-up.)



 Nicaragua, Segovias FTO
 in stock
 Colombia, Asoprokia FTO  in stock
 Mexico, Chiapas FTO  in stock
 Sumatra, Mandheling FTO  in stock
 Honduras Cocafelol FTO  in stock
 Peru Swiss Water Decaf. FTO   NA  $12.00/lb


A few comments about the coffees

You know what you like, so you can safely ignore these comments.  They are mostly here if you are unfamiliar with a particular coffee, or perhaps you are not a coffee drinker and you are buying for a friend.

Colombia - Familiar, comforting, smooth, not too demanding.  Sounds like a good marriage, right?

Nicaragua - Rich.  Some chocolate goin' on here. 

Sumatra - Smooth and rich.  The island next door to Java - makes sense, right?

Mexico - Old school, kick-ass coffee.  eye-opener

Honduras - There is a taste of molasses here.  We prefer this as a medium roast, retaining its regional character.

Swiss Water Process Decaf.  - This Peruvian coffee has had its caffeine removed (well, about 99% of it) using the Swiss Water Process.  This method removes caffeine using water and osmosis.  There are no chemicals involved, other than the water and the hundreds of compounds that comprise the flavourful chemistry of coffee.