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Spring skiing on Island Lake, Manitoba is not easily described.

It only lasts for a few weeks before the ice is too dangerous, but while it lasts the freedom is heavenly.

On a day with still air and a clear sky, the jacket and mitts can come off.  The wet ice offers minimal friction - and minimal grip.  Propulsion is mostly a matter of double-poling, and the miles fly by.  Soon shoulders and stomach muscles begin to complain, but it is too exhilarating to stop. 

On such a day I skied for many hours and many miles until exhaustion forced a stop.  A thermos of coffee and a frying pan full of bannock were designed for just such occasions.   That coffee was perfect.

A slight chirping scuffle made me turn my head:  a whiskeyjack was stealing some dough from my mixing container.

They are companionable little thieves - one cannot be angry with them.  We shared the bannock, that grey jay and I, but the coffee I kept for myself.

It is surprising how often the memory of that coffee break returns to me. 





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